Hi, I’m Lucy. Since I was tiny, I have always had a love for flowers and making things; as I grew older this developed into a real fondness for nature-inspired design in all forms. Jewellery making and metalwork as a medium, for me, started out as a hobby. I took some time out from my day-job to study a course at The London Jewellery School - just for fun - not realising that it would lead me to where I am today. This silversmithing course sparked my passion for making intricate designs, taking elements from wild and natural things. Once it was over, I realised this was something I really wanted to continue with, so, I bought all the tools, got set up in my spare room and started practising and developing on the techniques I had learned. Since then, I have attended many other courses covering all aspects of jewellery making, from casting to polishing and stone setting.


Lucy Flint Jewellery was officially set up in 2014 when my Husband and I moved away from our ‘normal’ jobs in London and decided to make the leap into jewellery making full time. Our first jewellery boutique and workshop was in the town of Melton Mowbray but we soon outgrew this little shop and moved to the pretty town of Oakham, into a bigger and brighter character-filled space.


Every piece of Lucy Flint Jewellery is handmade by me, using traditional silversmithing and goldsmithing techniques. It’s such a pleasure to deal directly with lovely customers in the boutique and I find it so rewarding making jewellery to treasure, that is full of meaning and helps to cherish special people, places and events in life that really matter.