Lucy Flint Jewellery

Why do we make jewellery?

Jewellery runs in the Flint Family. However, Lucy and I didn't come to jewellery as a career straight away. It took us a little while to get there...


Starting our own handmade jewellery business was a huge career change for us both. Massive even. Before we became entrepreneurs, myself and Lucy lived a completely different lifestyle. We lived in London for over 5 years, with Lucy working as a Senior Forensic DNA Analyst and myself working as a Visual Effects Artist in the film industry.


After living in London for so long, we found ourselves tired of the hustle and bustle and longing to move back to be near family in the Midlands where we grew up. I have always wanted to run my own business and be my own boss and with both of us being creative, we decided to take the plunge and follow in my Grandparents footsteps and start our own jewellery business - Lucy Flint Design.


My Grandad, Les Flint, has been creating beautiful original jewellery for years. His biggest sellers are his spoon rings, which are made from antique sterling silver spoons, formed into a ring. The beauty of my Grandad's jewellery, is that, because it's all made from unique and unusual pieces of silver, he can tell you the history behind each piece.


So with the help of my Grandad's tuition and studying at the London Jewellery School and In The Studio Jewellery School, we have been able to create a business that we are truly passionate about and haven't looked back yet!


Helping set up Les Flint's stall at the Countersthorpe Craft Fair in November 2014

Lucy having a great day


We are currently selling our jewellery online and will soon be opening our beautiful boutique shop in the heart of Melton Mowbray


  • Posted by Joyce Flint on

    Looking for a relative’s details, I saw your silver designs and thought how lovely it would be to have something created by another Flint! Not a very common name here (Salford, Gtr Manchester). Do you have an on-line catalogue?

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